Broken 03:38
Broken faces stair out broken windows of broken places, I see worn out halos. See the child with his broken toy’s but, all the while, see him sing with joy cause. He see it for what it really is and all the things he can always give. Broken hands, mold a new beginning, from broken plans, all the wars of winning, Still we try and we keep on giving. You need to see it for what it is, this love we have is what we give. You need to try just to believe, then you’ll find you will receive. LOVE. Got to see it for what it is, this love we have we have to give, for what you give, you will receive, In The End, With a broken heart you cant give. You’ve got to see this for what it is, This world we live we’ve got to give, our hearts will go on and will find, That we can only, carry on if we give love. To cure the broken heart. LOVE.
Do you know your future? Always seems so hard. Nothing is forever. All that we see is ours. Will you be strong? I know you will, Love is forever, love with you is so real. You are the light in my sky. Over everything I see. Use me for your love, use me for your love endlessly. My heart goes out to you. My heart goes out for you. My heart is for you. Any time, rain or shin. You are the one, Every time, anytime.
Columbine 04:05
I was saved by grace, saved by love, though I wasn't worthy of the things above. I get caught up in the moment, caught up in the time. Everything can be so hard to find, I remember when on that April day, they came and took precious lives away. They were caught up in the moment, trapped with the fear. I hear the cries of it all so clear. Nothing I can do, nothing I can say, that will ever replace the love that went away. I tell you what I feel, I don’t know what to say. My heart goes out to you each and every day. Trapped inside the moment, trapped inside the fear, are we afraid to hear. Are you afraid to lead. I'm caught up in the moment, I'm caught up with fear. I can’t believe the words I hear.
A Road less traveled days of innocence, have we lost it forever? Caught up into the grind of 9 to 5. So long ago, when our dreams meant forever, used to see the stars as a guiding light. Follow me down a road less traveled. Journey to a dream that we hold inside. Follow me down a road less traveled, reach for a star, hold it in the night. There’s no time, for the little things within or world. Trapped within the walls that we call life. But in your mind, you keep saying time forever, Someday soon “I grab the light”. Time will pass you buy. How quickly it will fly.
The Lie 03:49
The Lie The biggest Lie I ever heard, “can we still be friends”? I know the word is so absurd, Once you love you can never love again. The question goes on in your mind, can you see it for what it is. Time will change and don’t ask why. You must go on my friend. And the taste is bitter sweet, taste it and go on. The time we spent together, The memories will always be strong. But like the change of the weather, The leaves are falling and I must be gone. Broken promises we all have to live on. And share that time forever, In our souls we have become one. The taste is bitter sweet. The love is bitter sweet. Our hearts are bitter sweet. Can you taste the bitter sweet.
Goodbye 05:03
Coat of armor, Heart of glass. You can now see the future, You cant live in the past. Your heart’s been broken, A foolish love gone wrong. Say the word’s forever, help you carry on Goodbye. A voice of reason, spinning inside your mind. It takes you in then spits you out and keeps you on the line. No more questions, I can not stand the fear. Lock the door and hide the key and keep me trapped in here. Walk on, Walk buy, I don’t want to see you cry. I can not say Goodbye. You say it over and over in your mind Goodbye.
Just a game 04:06
Just a game You lie, you say that love is forever. I try, to keep this love together. Love is just a game you play within your mind. I hope you will see before you’re left behind. I will find, a way to carry on. Inside, a reason to be strong. This time, I will not be your victim. Of a fools crime, where your love is the venom. Love is just a game you play within your mind. I hope that you will see it before you end your time. I know that love is hard to keep the pain away. You need to find love before your time Ends today. This time I will not be the victim.
It’s not too late Can we see, can we see eye to eye? I don’t want to say, Goodbye. I can feel you, I can feel you in my heart. You have always been their from the start. If I go I will see, You smiling back at me. It’s not too late to change this world is falling down forever. It’s not too late to change direction on this road we’re going down. In time, our feelings come and go, If we try to make them grow, stronger with each day that goes by can we try. I feel we can make it. Its not too late to change a word a feeling, heart be open.
Thank You 04:37
Thank you I remember when, I first saw your smile. You took my heart away you drove my spirit wild. I remember looking into those green eyes. I said to myself I’m in paradise. I want to thank you for all the little things that you did for me. It’s been awhile, and I haven't seen your smile, and your eyes have turned from green to gray. I’m sorry that I hurt you, with the words I did say. I really didn't want them to sound that way. I want you to know that I still believe in you so. Please forgive me can we start a new. I want to thank you for all the little things that you did for me. I was the rain, pouring time again. I was the rain. You need the sun to shine on your day, I’m sorry if I was the rain.
Blown through the wind Are you feeling lost and lonely in a world within? Are you seeing that your not the only one without that friend? Do you feel it down in your heart, you just can’t pretend. You want the truth but just don’t know how to ask for it within. Just call on him. I know how you feel I’ve been there before, Every time I turned away I always saw the closed door. I never really knew it in my heart till I felt it too. All the things that we live for can blow away too soon. Dust in the wind my friend, we’re all going on again. Just blowing through this wind, it so hard to feel again. Blown through the wind. There’s an answer deep inside your heart yes you feel it too. A burden that is placed on love and he wants to give it to you. Died for your salvation so take a hold within. Once you do you will never regret the feeling you feel within, my friend.
Closer than it seems Yes I see it all in front of me, I’m standing here where do I go? All I know is what I believe, everything around me, I just don’t know, what I feel inside my heart? I know it’s really true, what more can I do? Put my faith in you, what more can I do? There’s an answer deep inside your heart, don’t let the quest tear you apart. All that we do and say, everything is easy if you just don’t walk away, don’t wait another day. So here we are in the big dream, it’s closer than it seems.


released May 1, 1999


all rights reserved



THE ARTIST ONE Seattle, Washington

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