This is a Full CD, set back with your best head phones on and just listen.

This next chapter in Malachi's vision of the Bible starts
where "A Nation of Stars VI" left off.

"Rites of Passage V" takes the listener on a musical
journey of Isaac, His Sons, Jacob and Esau, The birth of
Israel and Joseph's journey into Egypt.

As all of Malachi's music this album is a powerful blend
of sound's and lyrics that move the listener towards a
better understanding of the Bible.


released September 23, 2012



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THE ARTIST ONE Seattle, Washington

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For the ones who love me,
I’ll protect thee,
Just like a father that holds his young.

Not let the thunder,
Hide you under,
The blanket of fear wrapped within the one.

I need you to be strong,
And your eyes open to see.

Do you believe me.

Do you trust me.

I want you to love me.

I just want to hold you in my arms.
To give you love to make you see everything,

That your heart desires.
Your spirit desires.
We all desire LOVE.

Nothing is ever quite what it seems

The roads we take don’t always lead us to our dreams.

Only Love, only Love can concur all.
Only Love, only Love will catch our fall

I need Love.

I miss your smile and the songs you sing to me.

What you gave this world will last through eternity

You gave us Love; you gave us Love to concur all

You fill this earth with Love, you gave it Love
Too last forevermore.

You gave us Love.

I need Love.
Track Name: Reflections
My days are numbered by the years gone by
But the Love within will never die

My eyes have seen the living word
My ears have taken all I’ve heard

I’ve seen the Love that will never die
A promise made to you and I

Plant the seed and watch it grow
And tell the world all you know

Now Isaac grown into a man
Take control of the promise land
Take a wife to share the love

Bring forth the Love from above
I pray he will always seek your face
And hear your words of love and grace

Trust in all things unknown
And keep his eyes upon the thrown

I pray for strength to carry on
In time when things seem unknown

To seek the truth with our soul
To give us peace a gain control

But now my eyes are growing weak
And I pray the Lord my soul to keep
Give them peace to start again

Seek the Love we have within
Carry on the Love
Track Name: The Waiting. The battle in the Whom. Holding on.
Track Name: The Birthright
You tried to pull me down
Tried to take my crown
But in the end your crown was full of thorns

You try to take what’s mine
Taste the sweet red wine
But the only red you see is in a bowl

In the final hour
I will receive the power

I forgive you brother
You have known no other

Come into my home
Never be alone
Forgiveness is the thrown
No man will stand alone
Track Name: Jacobs Ladder
I had a Dream
The ladder came to me

To take me up to the thrown of the king
Where the stars all sing

You promised me
I will have the seed

Last through eternity
Countless as the sand in the sea
This promise to me.
Track Name: Rite of passage, The Blessing, Israel
Rite of passage

I journey towards the east
To feed the inner feast of my
New found glory

I lifted up my eyes
To see a beauty that overcame me

Seven years have gone
But I have been the one who seems to have been deceived
I will serve seven more just to have the hand of the one who completes me

My heart sings the song of unknown Love

My heart feels the longing of real Love

My heart reaches out for the true Love



I have wrestle with the angle of the Lord

I have made a promise unto him to score

In the end I know I will be the man

Israel will become the chosen land
Track Name: BACK AGAIN
My soul overflows with long awaited peace

My mind is racing to find the meaning of understanding

My heart is filled with everlasting joy

Lord guild my spirit to where I can employ

All that you’ve given me
Everything you’ve given me
Has come back again

All that you take from me
All that you take from me
Is coming back again

I understand it never easy
I understand it always hard to know when you’re back again
So I’ll wait here patiently
For you to bring me back again

Back again

Back home again

All I want to be
All that I want to see
Is back again

All that I ever need
All that I ever need is to be back again
Back again

Lord I can’t wait to be back again.
Track Name: Coat of many colors, DECEPTION
I wear a coat of many colors
A rainbow that was promised to my own

Many nights I dream
Scary as its seems
The older will bow at my throw

I’m alone

Give me your heart
Give me your trust
Give your Love
I will lead the way out of here

I know you will try to deceive the one
Try to make the things you know that can’t be undone

But I forgive you brothers for what you do
Seems you do not know just what you do.
But you do

Give me your Hearts
Give me your trust
Give me your Love
I will lead the Way

Give me your hand
I will lead the way
Out of here

A famine will bestow apone the land
The thirst for blood will be filled by the turning of the sands

I ‘ll give you water

I’ll give Wine

I’ll give you my love till the end of time.
Track Name: Bound, I forgive thee
Deceive my brothers
I forgive thee

Bound me in chains and through me down
I forgive thee

I will listen to my heart
And go forth into this world knowingly

My dreams have proclaimed the day shall come
When you will bow before me

God has lead me down a path I don’t understand
But I go willingly

Each day that comes from this point one

I will forgive thee

I forgive thee

I know your secrets
They hunt me in the night
But I forgive thee

I know how you feel even though I am of your blood
I forgive thee

I will go on even if I am alone for eternity
On this day I say to the world that I
I forgive thee
Track Name: The Dream, Seven and Seven
Seven years of plenty
Seven years of lean
This is how I see it when I dream

But my dreams are empty
As lie awake at night
Dreaming that my father’s arms will hold me tight

Lord my spirit cries
For my father’s eyes
For him to last to see

The riches I have gotten
The riches you have sent to me
Are more than I could ever believe?

Pharaoh has helped me though the land
Giving me more power than his own hand

So I can tell the world about thee
How you always promise this to me

Lord I pray for my father’s hands
So I can take them out of this desolate land
Track Name: The famine, Hallelujah, GENESIS

I feel to my knees and began to pry
Thank God you’re still alive

A promise that was me
By the king of kings will survive
My eyes are filled with tears

My spirit filled with joy
As I hold you in my arms again

I feel the need to tell you why
I will never leave you again

The lord has promised everything
And everything is promised to the children of the king

Your heart will be overflowed with LOVE and you will begin to sing.


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