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Malachi's largest and most ambitious CD to date. The new CD is set to be released in April will be released in three parts.You can get this music for free for life if you order the CD The Book of Genesis through his web site.


released April 5, 2014


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THE ARTIST ONE Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Children of my father
Children of my father

I pray to you,
Never forget the love that pulled you though.
For God will give to you.
Children of my father don’t forget the truth.

He will visit you Child
He will comfort you child
Give your hearts to him Child
Keep your eyes on him Child
Now, don’t fall asleep

Evil will come and take you away, enslave the weak.

Children of my father
Children of my father don’t fall asleep.
Don’t slumber, in your sleep.

As you carry my bones
Keep your eyes on the thrown
For I am returning home.
Track Name: God with no name
God with no name

Take me from here

I call on you

Take us from this land

God with no name

God with no name
Track Name: Slave to the Cross
Slave to the Cross

Take them from here

Deal with them wisely here

Enslave them fill them with fear

Take them from here
Track Name: God of our fathers
This is so hard for me to do.
I just pray that I can see it through.

My son I give him up, for you.
I bring him to the waters of live,
for eternal waters in life with you.

God of my father
God of my father
Take us from here

I hear cries what do I see?
A young man I draw from the waters,
So his name Moses will be

And bring God to our fathers
Bring God to our fathers
Bring god to our fathers
Bring God to our fathers
Bring God to our fathers
Take us from here.
Track Name: From the River Born, Tale of Two mothers
As I watched you from a distance, I can’t help but have a smile.
Remembering once to hold you, even though a short while.
I know Lord I have given, everything to thee.
This man that was a child, with no name you took from me.
Lord heal my heart, for the tears I cannot hold.
I believe my father’s father and the promise that you hold.
A covenant that keeps me warm in the darkness of the night.
Make my Moses be lord a true guiding light.
For your love is like an anchor that holds me close to shore.
So the tides cannot move me from the love you have in store.
But I.

I cry at night, I cry at night.
So my Moses will never see.
I cry at night, I cry at night,
So my Moses will never see the tears from me.

I remember the waters and the gift they brought to me.
You have grown into a great man this I see in thee.
I know your heart is heavy with questions deep inside.
I pray your God will guild you through the things that will divide.

Soon the time will come young man
A path that you will take young man
A vision you will see young man
Will lead you to the truth young man
So be strong young man
Give your heart to God young man
I will miss you dearly my young man, my young man.
Track Name: The Road
The Road

Things in my past are hurting me inside
Feelings of regret I’m keeping in my mind.
It’s time to find a way out
It’s to find a road

Time that I spent it was not spent so wise
The devils that I met have come to me in disguise
It’s time to find a way out
It’s time to find.

Now you look at me
Like I have broken all your bones.
In reality you see me as so cold
It’s time to find a way out
It’s time to find a road
Track Name: Stranger in a Strange land
Stranger in a strange land

I’m alone
Through these endless sands I see
This is my home, here I roam.

Mirage before me what looks like the sea
But I can’t go back to the slaughter
So I push on, try to be strong.

Lift up my eyes; keep straight on my course,
But I’m growing weak without water.
Someone save me, God please save me I am.
A stranger in, a stranger in, a strange land.

Have I been here before thrown to the shore?
To drift in the sands just like water.
Who will draw me?
From this endless sea I roam
I’m a Stranger in, just stranger in a strange land

What’s this I see? Right before me,
A woman that’s drawing on water,
Will she save me? Take me?

Stranger in a strange land,
Here I will make my stand and call it home
Feels good to be home.
Stranger in a strange land,
Give me a woman for me to love and call my own
Oo what love you’ve shown

Stranger in a strange land
Give me strength to understand, please take me home.

Stranger in a strange land
What’s this I see right before me?
An eternal flame
Now I know your name.
Track Name: I AM THEE I AM
I am thee I am

I am thee I am
I am where I stand
Come free them from this land
I am thee I am

Why do you choose me?
A broken man, no use for thee
I take my shoes off thee
And bow to the will you bestow on me
How can I set them free?
For it is hard for me to speak and my heart is weak.
I am old and foretold.

I am thee I am
With I will stand

Will they even hear me?
Your words of truth, that will set them free.
My brother may kill me.
Call me a liar of blasphemy
Lord I am afraid

I will comfort you.
I will protect you.
I will speak through you.
And deliver you.
This is my promise to you.
This is my promise through you.
A nation I will build from you.
And bring my son through you.
Deliver the world from wrong.
Take on the sin of all.
Blood that will cover all.
This is a promise I give to all.

I am thee I am
With me you will stand.
This is my promise to you
This is my promise through you
A nation I build through you.
Track Name: My Brother
My Brother

Let my people go
Let my people go

Who is this Lord I must obey?
You’re worthless God without a name, you pray.
Now you demand I give you three days to pray?
Your worthless God will strike me down with Plagues.
Looks like your God has forgotten you.
As you point your finger at me as fool.
Brother why you do such things?
Do you know the consequence this brings?
They will turn their backs on you.
Give them time they will call a fool to.
Brother, Brother, don’t do this to your brother.
Track Name: First request, Plagues, Harden heart, Passover, Angel will soon come, Pharaohs pride into death
There will, be blood
And it will consume your thirst
There will, be frogs
And they will cover your earth
There will, be flies
And it will darken your skies
There will, be plagues
And all your stock will die

Harden your heart you’ll see
All things will come to be
Our God will set use free
On that night you will see

There will, be boils
And they will consume your will
There will, be hail
And it will consume what you till
There will, be darkness
And it will turn your day night
There will, be death
And it will destroy your life

Harden Heart..
Go from me
I shall see they face no more
I don’t want to hear this no more
Go from me now
If I see you, you will die
My brother you will die.
My bother

Speak to all the congregations of the land
Tell them there freedom is at hand
On the tenth day we will make a stand
For the grace of God is in the land
God will send an angel of doom
Free from this imprisoned tomb
Towards the promise land
And with God we’ll make our stand.

Lift thine eyes
Lift thine hearts
Lift up the spirit that lives within.
Lift your hands
Fill up your soul
Allow the spirit to dwell within.

Allow him to pass through you
The angel of death will pass over you.

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