Time Begins 03:03
Time Begins In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth, And the earth became void and darkness fell upon the face of the deep. Cover the land in water. Water to wash away the sin. The first earth age has fallen, the second to begin. Create a new, and give it to the chosen few. Plant the seed and watch it grow, In the mist of the beauty below. Give all life to all that breath, Though in a short time they begin to greed. They make gods before themselves And in time destroy themselves.
The MAN Set aside a garden Their to create THE MAN, The Ha-adham the first of the heritage, Through him the great “I AM” Bring to him a mate that will Bare the seed of salvation for all to feel. Stay away from the tree of sin, And the one that lies within.
The Lie Did God really say? When you partake you will surely die. Well I’m here to say through me you will be alive. No I should stay away, Stay away from you. You are deceiving in your ways And through lust I partake of you. Adams Cry God why? Did you bring me this woman. And why did I turn my back on you? And why did you give me eyes to see with? And why did you give me lust to feel with? And why did I depart from you? And why was I among the chosen few? And why must I go down this road? And why must I carry this load?
Blood 02:48
Blood On that day we were cast away. I settled on a new ground. I knew my wife for what she was, For a son to help till the ground. But on that day they did arrive, Two brothers of a different kind. Cain and Abel were their names But of the seed they were not the same. Cain went to till the ground, Abel bears the flock that was around, Bring to God the best they made. The first the pure the unshamed. But anger built within his soul, Strike his brother with the fatal blow As his body laid on the ground, his blood cried out from the ground.
Abels Death I can’t seem to feel. The breath escapes my lips and I am afraid I may never see the light again. As it grows colder, Darkness seems to overtake me. Am I getting older or have I stopper completely? I feel like I’m floating away, Body seems to be on the ground. See the lights all around. Forevermore away. The Mark Cain, where is thy brother? For his blood cries to me from the ground. I have warned you of your anger. Now I must cast you from the ground. You must go into the world. A wonderer and a vagabond you will be.
Generations 02:16
Forevermore 05:14
God’s Cry I don’t know how long I can hold back the tears, The rain will fall once again. I don’t know how you can betray, The love that I have for you. Forevermore. It repented the Lord for he made man Giving him a will to choose his own And the one who created out of love Is being thrown from the thrown As the world lives unto its needs As we all look forward to our own greed We miss the truth in what we should see within our soul As the years went on generations past Living our life’s in seconds fast God looked on the earth abound One tear fell to the ground. God saw the wicked greed A sin that forgot his Godly need Giving them to thoughts who would destroy the seed of love. There was one man and one soul That would not give in and would not take of the men of renown Giants of renown Noah was found pure of his kind. His sons and their wifes had not partaken and were not blind. They were not blind of the truth. God looked over the world of sin He said I must wash this world and destroy it once again They have turned away, away from my love They have forgotten my love All I want is to give my love To all, for all, my love. And my tears will fall down And they will fall to the ground Wash away the sins The men of renown My tears will fall down Fall to the ground.
I Will 02:59
I Will I will obey What is your will? You’ve asked of me to be set free. To be set free. Everlasting family I will obey you I will bring to you the chosen few.
Am I the Fool What do I do? What can I do? Am I the fool? They call me the fool For I’ve been taken in by choosing you I have worked so hard so many years To build this ark to protect me From you falling tears. Am I the fool? Why is this world so cruel? I still believe I know that you promised me that you Would set us free And I will hold one Give me strength to carry on. My blood is getting thin And my sight is growing dim My mind seems to wonder The generations I have known They have all been against me They have all sworn against me But what will I do when the time will come When they all see the water falling on their tongues? Will I have the knowledge to understand? When I see the whites of their eyes When I hear their sins crying again? Am I the fool? Are we the fools? Damn the fools I was the fool.
These are the generations of man.. As it was in the beginning it will be in the end...............


released November 2, 2012


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THE ARTIST ONE Seattle, Washington

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