MY WINDOW When I look out my window, what do I see? A light reflecting off your tears in the sea. How do I feel? How do I know? Your love for me will always grow. I sit and wonder. I look back at the day. For those in my life that have gone astray. What do I feel? What do I know? My sorrow will always grow. Not so long ago, I had a dream. A mass of confusion in my silent scream. When I awoke I asked for your time, I heard your words and found peace of mind. So ask me how I feel? Ask me how I know? My love for you will always. My heart will always My soul will always
EMPTY 02:08
EMPTY My heart is heavy, My soul is weary, My arms are empty and I.... NEED YOU WANT YOU LOVE YOU
THE RAINBOW Forty days and forty nights. What did I do? And was it right? I see the world in your tears again. I don’t know if I can face this heavy wind. I feel the need to let it go. I need to have the land which to roam. Lord find my faith again, for I have lost my faith within. I see your tears and how they flow. With the wind you steer the course I go. But I’m just a man within; I need to feel the land within. Just need to find the time, to plant the seed to call what is mine. Need the land the seed to sow; I need to feel the land to grow. Show me the sign show me a sign, a spirit of Devine. I saw the Rainbow As it danced across the sky. A promise from you to I. I saw the Rainbow.. As it glistened in the sky, a unity you’ll never divide. I saw the Rainbow.. And a tear fell from the sky; you’ll never destroy a lie. I saw the Rainbow..
build 02:14
TO TOUCH GOD The world was of one language and one speech, Nothing for them seems too far out of reach. Building there towers up to the sky, So they can be as God who sits upon high. Let us go down and confuse thy tongue, Make them go crazy among one to one. So they can’t do what they feel desire, So they can’t bring down the fire which divides. In the seed I have planted sown, they will destroy of all if they had known. They think they know the knowledge to understand, But it will destroy them in the end like it has began once again. I’ll take them to the farthest of the world. Make them join obsession for the earth.
A NEW BEGINNING Generations have come and gone. God looked down and found strength in one. I will make you a nation of stars, Your generations will stretch as east is far. Take thy wife and take thy kin, into a land so I can live again. Begin to build a nation among men, a nation that will fill this earth until the end.. Then one day it did arrive. Trouble began to build a wall high. “Let there be no strife I pray thee, is not the whole land before you and me” “If thy will take thy left I will take thy right” Lot lifted up his eyes with lust delight. To choose the way that was paved with gold desire. In the end it would be consumed with the fire.
A NATION OF STARS Dear Lord can you hear my cry? Wipe away these tears from my eyes. I will do what I can do; I will give my best for you. We've traveled long so very hard, everyone’s tired and we've gone so far. They don’t see what is true; they don’t think that we can make it through. Lot has traveled the planes afar, The milk and honey that should have been ours. I will keep my faith in you; I will do my best for you. My wife is barren we have no son; I find it hard to carry on. How can I do your will desire, fill this nation with your blood of fire. Without the seed I am only one. Help me to understand and carry on. Lot has traveled to a world become. Filled with lust and hate a sinful son. Lord it’s hard to say what I feel. Should I conquer that world and kill? To free the family that is one. To be the blood and the nation to become. I am the Lord and I hear thy cry, I will wipe the tears from your eyes.. Lift up your eyes to the world I give thee. All that you see is yours to be. A Father of nations you will become and all the land I give thee is one. Your numbers will be of the stars. Never to be counted as east and west is far.
WAR 01:47
WAR No man will take my family. Take his life. Take what is mine. And give it strife. Steal the wild of my desire. You will be warned and consumed with my FIRE. No man will take my wife, take my son. Kill my family or beat a one. No man will take what’s mine and just divide. You will not ever survive. We will attack you by night and confuse thy eyes. Make you be the slaughter of your device.. You will drown in your blood and drown in your fate. You will destroy but we will overtake.
HAGAR He went unto Hagar in the night, Planted the seed of lust delight, in sorrow and shame. What seemed so right in the minds of the wise? Was so hard to take and so hard to compromise. Then Hagar she was cast into the night, Into the desert with no end for her in sight. She cried out to God to quench her tongue. He sprung up the water that became a nation that she would become. I will keep my faith in you. As for me. My covenant is with thee. Your fruit will be plenty; all crossed the land you see. So much I will give thee. So take thee, thy name Abraham will be. The father of many............
CITY OF SIN I am the city of sin come inside. Within my walls you cannot hide. All that you do is known. In your sin you bow at my throne. You can do your will desire, but in the end you’ll feel my FIRE. On this night you must decide. Leave the city run and hide. Don’t look back from which you go, or the evil will consume your soul. You will hear many cries. On this night you must decide. Leave the land on which you know. Follow God for he will show, you the way.
FOREVERMORE Blessed am I. For you have heard my cry, give me something more than I ever desired. But it’s hard sometimes, for me to realize, that your love is never blind FOREVERMORE. I see your love and my heart begins to soar, There is so much love, that it’s hard for me to store it all. Inside, deep inside, of my mind. That’s where the feelings come. You’ve blessed me now, for you have given me a son to share this world as one FOREVERMORE. I will take unto thee, responsibly. To plant and continue to see the son. I see your heart and my love begins to grow. I see your love and it’s an endless flow, for all. All who seek to taste the water. The water for all life, give me life to grow. I see the need to share this word with all, a nation of all. FOREVERMORE.. I know it’s hard to understand, the words you hear to comprehend, his love will never go. You can see his love and your heart begins to soar, There is so much of his love that it will last FOREVERMORE You need to feel the love within and except the one you hear is king, for the blood is there the blood you share is the spirit of the king and the thing’s within your soul now. Flies on, I must carry on. Do the will of the one no matter how strong I feel it’s wrong. But I’m crying within lord help me to control the things within, and do the will that you begin, to lay on my son. I know it’s hard to see the love you have within. I give your love within my heart and I'll never comprehend. I’ll keep this faith within my soul, that was purified with gold. To keep me straight and on the course, within your love FOREVERMORE. I will defend. Until the End I feel your love and my heart begins to sore. You have endless love, that’s a river FOREVERMORE. Your blood is pure in my desire and I want to feel your fire, to rinse out my evil desire FOREVERMORE
A NEW NATION Because thou has done this thing for me not withholding thy son from thee. I will make you a nation of plenty, no man will ever deny what they will see. When they count the stars up in the sky, every time they count them they will grow on high. Your blood and seed will devour all the things I know, and you will bring forth the life in which I grow You will bring the king and the Christ will save, all of the world for this today. My love for you is so strong, your my people and I love you carry on. I will bring unto you fire bring unto you pain, but I will show you the love I have to remain FOREVERMORE.


released November 2, 2012


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THE ARTIST ONE Seattle, Washington

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